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About The Embodyment Project

In our society, body dissatisfaction has become both normalized and widespread. Women constantly face social pressures to be thinner, fitter, and more attractive. The media creates this pressure by misrepresenting and distorting women’s bodies to conform to the prevailing standards of beauty, and in our age, “beautiful” often means extremely thin. On the other hand, we are simultaneously facing a growing obesity epidemic. At a time when most women’s bodies do not look at all like the “ideal” body seen in magazine ads, societal pressures to attain that body continue to prevail. Women are affected daily by their own harsh judgments of their bodies as well as both overt and subtle criticisms from others.

Despite the prevalence of body dissatisfaction, it can be extremely detrimental to both physical and emotional health. Some women with a severely negative body image may develop an eating disorder, which can be life threatening. While eating disorders are of great medical concern, body dissatisfaction can also lead to numerous other serious psychological issues such as low self-esteem, shame, depression, and feelings of helplessness in response to unsuccessful dieting. Such emotional problems that do not directly or severely lead to physical problems are often not taken seriously, but we believe that improving body image for women of all ages is an essential endeavor.

The Embodyment Project is dedicated to awakening the power within each woman to claim her place in her body and in the world, to love, accept and celebrate herself, and to come home to her body.